Syrian-Iraqi border strikes: Hezbollah mourns, observatory suspects Israeli involvement

Syrian-Iraqi border strikes: Hezbollah mourns, observatory suspects Israeli involvement

Shafaq News / The London-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights revealed the casualties resulting from the recent US airstrikes on the Iraqi-Syrian border on Saturday.

According to a statement, the airstrikes targeting the Iraqi-Syrian border area in Al-Bukamal resulted in nine fatalities, including six non-Syrians and three Syrians affiliated with Iran-backed factions, along with 27 others sustaining severe injuries.

The Observatory reported that the airstrikes targeted a weapons shipment, various sites, and training centers simultaneously.

While the US has not officially claimed responsibility for the strikes at the Syrian-Iraqi border, indications suggest possible involvement from Israel.

Earlier in the day, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights reported that 20 militants from armed factions were killed or injured in US airstrikes near the Syrian-Iraqi border.

Lebanon's Hezbollah announced the deaths of four of its members, indicating they were killed alongside others in an American airstrike at the Syrian-Iraqi border.

Hezbollah's statement mourned the deaths of Hassan Akram Al-Mousawi, Haider Mohammed Al-Mazawi, Rakan Ali Saif Al-Din, and Abbas Mohammed Al-Ajami, honoring them as "martyrs on the path to Jerusalem."

Reports indicated that the four Hezbollah members were killed near the Al-Bukamal crossing due to airstrikes allegedly carried out by unidentified aircraft, suspected to be American.

According to the Associated Press, "Three nighttime airstrikes near the Al-Bukamal crossing resulted in the deaths of six Iran-backed militants."

The strikes occurred shortly after the "Islamic Resistance in Iraq" claimed responsibility for an attack on a US military base in Erbil, northern Iraq.

Washington has yet to provide immediate comments on the airstrikes, despite previously planning similar strikes on Iran-backed Iraqi groups following escalating attacks in the past two months that injured three US soldiers.

It is noteworthy that the "Islamic Resistance in Iraq" executed over 100 attacks on US sites in Iraq and eastern Syria in support of Gaza.

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