President Barzani and PM Al-Sudani forge preliminary oil agreement in Baghdad talks

President Barzani and PM Al-Sudani forge preliminary oil agreement in Baghdad talks

Shafaq News / President of the Kurdistan Region Nechirvan Barzani confirmed on Saturday that a preliminary agreement has been reached on the oil file, one of the most prominent outstanding issues between Baghdad and the Region.

Barzani, currently visiting Baghdad, addressed journalists following his meeting with Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani, expressing gratitude for the PM's efforts in resolving issues between Baghdad and Kurdistan, as well as his broader efforts to tackle Iraq's challenges.

He noted Al-Sudani's commitment to serving Iraq as a whole, including the Kurdistan Region, since assuming office.

"In our meeting today, we reiterated our support for his government program and the implementation of agreements, including those concerning the formation of the government. This includes the crucial aspect of ensuring the salaries of the Region's employees, as stipulated in the agreement between Al-Sudani and the Prime Minister of the Kurdistan Region, Masrour Barzani. We anticipate continued progress in this regard," President Barzani affirmed.

Barzani also highlighted discussions on future relations between Baghdad and Kurdistan, expressing hope for a mutual understanding during Al-Sudani's presidency. "We have also discussed the oil file, where a preliminary agreement has been reached. We aim to resolve this issue through constructive dialogue," he added.

Expressing optimism for Al-Sudani's visit to Washington, President Barzani emphasized the importance of success that benefits all of Iraq.

Meanwhile, Al-Sudani reiterated his government's commitment to paying the salaries of Region employees, emphasizing its responsibility to ensure the well-being of citizens. "We are dedicated to upholding our responsibilities, which include securing citizens' livelihoods through continued salary payments," he stated.

Regarding discussions with President Barzani, Al-Sudani outlined the focus on unresolved issues such as oil exports, budget amendments, and contractual matters, which will be addressed in line with the tripartite budget law. He highlighted the "need for responsible dialogue and announced an upcoming meeting of the State Administration Coalition where President Barzani will be hosted."

President Barzani's official visit to Baghdad includes meetings with Iraqi President Abdul Latif Rashid and Prime Minister Mohammed Shia al-Sudani, as well as participation in the State Administration Coalition (SAC) meeting, where discussions on resolving disputes between Erbil and Baghdad are expected. An "extraordinary" meeting of the SAC is scheduled for Saturday, focusing on political agreements and solutions to outstanding issues between Baghdad and Kurdistan.

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