PM Barzani expresses optimism about resolving the Baghdad-Erbil differences

PM Barzani expresses optimism about resolving the Baghdad-Erbil differences
Shafaq News/ The Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) will never cease to defend the constitutional rights of its people, Prime Minister Masrour Barzani said on Thursday, showing optimism about resolving the Baghdad-Erbil row soon.

Prime Minister Barzani's remarks came during a keynote speech he delivered during a ceremony on laying the foundation stone of the British University in Erbil earlier today.

Citing the role universities had played in Kurdistan's community, Prime Minister Barzani said that the British University might be a mark in the region's cultural and educational program.

Barzani said that his cabinet renders education a priority and works to help educational centers in the region to reach international standards.

"Our aspirations are too big. Bigger than the capabilities available to us, but we will never cease to support education," he said.

On the ties between Baghdad and Erbil, he said, "we will continue to make things better in the region. Our delegations continue to hold negotiations with the federal government. The Baghdad visit will continue until we find solutions for these differences."

Hoping that the KRG delegations manage to find common ground with Baghdad, Barzani said that resolving the ongoing disputes with Baghdad will achieve progress in the region at all levels.

" We are optimistic. However, we will not compromise on any of our constitutional rights. We will defend our people's rights," he concluded.

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