Kurdistan’s President: Iraq and the Region are one family; its members have to sit at one table for dialogue

Kurdistan’s President: Iraq and the Region are one family; its members have to sit at one table for dialogue

Shafaq News / Kurdistan’s President, Nechirvan Barzani said that the Federal and the Regional governments have made mistakes and they have to learn from past by working to resolve differences and build a better future for the Iraqis.

The Kurdish president gave an interview to the Iraqi Al-Sharqiya TV, in which he talked about his childhood when his family and many Kurds were displaced to Iran after the setback of the Kurdish revolution.

Barzani considered the Kurdish leader Masoud Barzani is the one who inspired him the most in his life and left the greatest impact on building his political and struggle personality.

The Region's president added that the Kurds have believed since 1975 until now that the Kurdish issue must be resolved within the Iraqi framework.

On the differences between Baghdad and Erbil, Barzani said, "The problem is the way of thinking, and it cannot be solved by force," noting that "Iraq is one family and family members must sit at the dialogue table to solve all their problems."

"We must learn lessons from the past, Baghdad and Erbil made mistakes, and the most important thing is the political and economic stability of Iraq, so we must diagnose the problems and find solutions." He said.

"Baghdad and Erbil complement each other, and we must complete the concept of citizenship, and form a true partnership…the Iraqi people deserves a better life, and all components and politicians must work on securing that."

He said, "Everyone should ask the following question: What is our mistake in what is happening in Iraq," adding, "On my last visit to Baghdad, my message was that we all made mistakes, so let us sit together and establish a better life for everyone."

"The people of Iraq deserve a better life, it is better to look for ways to develop the economy and stop the useless conflicts and disputes to restore people's confidence in the politicians and the political process," the Region’s president stressed.

Barzani indicated that Iraq will proceed on the path of change, saying the new Iraqi generation will not accept the old slogans and will work to change the current situation.

On the displaced and refugees in Kurdistan, he said, "The displaced turned to Kurdistan, therefore it is our duty to receive them," indicating that the Region received about two million displaced Iraqis and Syrian refugees.

“Since the beginning of the displacement wave, we haven’t registered neither security breach nor social problem performed by any displaced people

Barzani expressed happiness at the return of some of the displaced to their homes.

On the reconstruction process in Kurdistan, Barzani said, "The reconstruction process began after 2004 to rebuild what was destroyed by wars…we involved the private sector in the process which had a major role in the reconstruction Kurdistan."

He added that both the Region and Iraq need to accelerate the process of reconstruction.

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