Kata'ib Hezbollah in Iraq threatens to expand targets in response to US bombing

Kata'ib Hezbollah in Iraq threatens to expand targets in response to US bombing

Shafaq News / The Hezbollah Brigades, one of the Iraqi armed resistance factions, issued a threat on Wednesday in response to the American bombing of al-Hashed al-Shaabi (Popular Mobilization Forces-PMF) headquarters, vowing to widen the circle of targets.

In a statement obtained by Shafaq News agency, they stated, "As we approach the fourth anniversary of the American crime targeting the PMF fighters in Al-Qa'im, the occupation forces are continuing their dirty tactics by once again targeting the headquarters and fighters of the Mobilization in the Jurf al-Nasr area, north of Babil." They added that "the inability of their military equipment to protect their bases from Islamic resistance attacks has increased the enemy's confusion, leading them to commit crimes against those who defended Iraq, secured its regions, and liberated its land from the evil deeds of ISIS."

The statement emphasized that "the American bombing of the PMF's headquarters at dawn today, which resulted in eight martyrs, will not pass without punishment. This necessitates an expansion of targets if the enemy persists in its criminal approach."

Earlier, the Iraqi government condemned the recent escalation from the American side as "an unacceptable violation of sovereignty" during the past two days. It highlighted that the bombing that targeted the "Jurf al-Nasr" area was carried out without the knowledge of government entities. The government stressed that it is solely responsible for enforcing the law, holding violators accountable, and it is not permissible for any external party to perform this role on its behalf.

This morning, US drones bombed PMF' premises in Babil governorate southwest of Baghdad, resulting in casualties.

Today, the US Central Command conducted precise separate strikes on facilities in Iraq directly responding to attacks on US forces and Coalition forces by Iran and Iranian-backed groups, according to a statement released by the US military.

Yesterday, the American forces officially claimed responsibility for the attack targeting "Asa'ib Ahl al-Haq and Kataib Hezbollah" west of Baghdad.

A US military official told Reuters, "US forces in Iraq responded to an attack targeting the Ain al-Assad airbase west of Baghdad," without further elaboration.

Yesterday, an American drone targeted a military pickup truck (Houthi) returning to (Kataib Hezbollah) carrying ammunition on Abu Ghraib highway, west of Baghdad. Additionally, another US drone fired heavy gunfire in the Ramadi district north of the international highway towards the Thirthar desert.

Yesterday morning, Ain al-Assad base was also hit by two rockets launched from the kilometer 35 intersection, 64 kilometers away from the base.

Armed Shia factions intensified attacks on the military bases of the US-led international coalition forces in Iraq and Syria after the events of October 7 in Palestine (Al-Aqsa Flood).

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