Iraqi president departs Baghdad for official visit to Jordan

Iraqi president departs Baghdad for official visit to Jordan

Shafaq News/ Iraqi President Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid left Baghdad on Monday for an official visit to Jordan, according to a statement from his office.

Rashid was accompanied by Minister of Industry and Minerals Khalid Battal, Lawmaker Talib Khalil Rahi, and a number of officials and advisors, the statement said.

The purpose of the visit was not immediately disclosed, but it is likely to focus on bilateral relations between Iraq and Jordan, as well as regional security following the Iranian attack on Israel.

Jordan and Iraq have reopened their airspace on Sunday after closing it late on Saturday as Iran launched drone and missile attacks against Israel.

Jordan's state TV said the country had resumed air traffic operations, citing aviation authorities. The opening of its airspace came more than three hours earlier than scheduled.

Iraq's aviation authority said security risks had now been overcome.

Iran launched explosive drones and fired missiles at Israel late on Saturday - its first direct attack on Israeli territory in a retaliatory strike that raises the threat of wider regional conflict.

Jordan, which lies between Iraq and Israel, had utilized air defences to intercept Iranian drones or missiles.

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