Iraqi PM calls for urgent aid to Gaza, global recognition of Palestinian State

Iraqi PM calls for urgent aid to Gaza, global recognition of Palestinian State

Shafaq News/ Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani on Tuesday called for immediate support and aid delivery to Gaza, urging for global mobilization to recognize a Palestinian state.

Al-Sudani spoke at the "Emergency Humanitarian Response in Gaza" conference hosted by Jordan at the Dead Sea. The event aimed to address the humanitarian crisis in Gaza and coordinate aid efforts.

In his address, Al-Sudani criticized the international community's failure to respond adequately to the crisis. "The aggression on Gaza has exposed the fragility of the international system and its failure to fulfill its duties and responsibilities…The world stands helpless in the face of the alarming number of Palestinian casualties."

Al-Sudani detailed the devastating impact of the conflict on Gaza's infrastructure and population. He said the aggression had worsened the humanitarian and economic situation, causing displacement and destruction of homes, infrastructure, and most service, educational, and health institutions.

Furthermore, he reiterated Iraq's initiative, first launched at the "2023 Peace Conference" held in Cairo last October. The initiative proposed establishing a fund to support Gaza post-aggression, with a well-studied assessment to determine needs and systematically divide commitments among participating countries.

Al-Sudani highlighted that over 80% of Gaza's population of nearly 2.3 million has been displaced, and 500,000 workers have lost their jobs due to the war. The conflict destroyed 370,000 housing units in Gaza and damaged over 53% of water and sanitation facilities. Gaza’s power plant has been out of service since October 2023, requiring 400,000 liters of fuel daily.

The Prime Minister noted that 82% of schools are out of service, depriving approximately 625,000 students of education. More than 5,500 students, 261 teachers, and 95 university professors have been killed, with over 8,000 students and 756 teachers injured. He also described the world watching live the bombings of hospitals and massacres committed against doctors, healthcare workers, and patients. Thirty-two of Gaza’s 35 hospitals are out of service, some destroyed and others damaged.

Moreover, Al-Sudani condemned the “occupation authority for committing war crimes, genocide, and crimes against humanity, involving killings, starvation, and displacement of the Palestinian people.” highlighting the worsening humanitarian situation due to food and medicine shortages, lack of drinking water and fuel, as “the occupation tightens the closure of crossings and prevents aid from entering.”

Many countries have reached out to enhance efforts to contain the conflict and prevent its expansion. However, Al-Sudani criticized the “alignment of some nations with the occupation's violations when it attacks countries in the region.”

"We must first seek a ceasefire and then seriously work towards restoring the Palestinian people's rights to have their independent state with Jerusalem as its capital," he asserted.

Al-Sudani urged global support for the existence of the Palestinian state and commended the decisions of Norway, Spain, and Ireland for recognizing it. He also praised the United Nations Relief and Works Agency (UNRWA) for its role in alleviating the suffering of the Palestinian people.

"The extent of crimes and atrocities against civilians has damaged the credibility of international laws and the international system, eroding trust in them," he said.

Al-Sudani also expressed “shock at the treatment of the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court,” criticizing the “disdain” shown by major countries.

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