Iraqi PM: ISIS is no longer a major threat

Iraqi PM: ISIS is no longer a major threat

Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Prime Minister, Mohammad Shia Al-Sudani, stated on the tenth anniversary of Mosul's fall to ISIS that terrorism no longer threatens the Iraqi state.

"Ten years ago, under ambiguous circumstances and with support from the forces of evil and hatred in the world, the terrorist ISIS gangs committed their crime and aggression against our people in Mosul," the Prime Minister said, describing the terror inflicted on Mosul's inhabitants by ISIS as a "barbaric attack driven by vile objectives and enmity towards Iraq's progress following the fall of the dictatorship."

Al-Sudani recalled the "profound pain of the innocent victims" from all national components of the Iraqi people who ISIS targeted. He praised the unified stance of the Iraqi people, rallying around their armed forces and “sacrificing the blood of many martyrs to cleanse the land and ensure Iraq's unity, dignity, and sovereignty.”

The statement highlighted the significant role played by the supreme religious authority, Sayyid Ali Al-Sistani, whose “fatwa changed the course of events towards achieving victory.”

This victory reinforced Iraq's sovereignty and the unity of its land and people. Al-Sudani said.

"The victory, which remains a precious achievement, affirmed our people's cohesion and entrenched our historical destiny of living in fraternal coexistence," the Prime Minister stated. He noted that Iraq emerged from this experience stronger and more determined to continue rebuilding, developing, and advancing the nation.

Furthermore, the Prime Minister emphasized that Iraqis, with their “sacrifices and the assistance of friends and honorable people, managed to defeat extremism and terrorism in its ugliest forms,” assuring that the remnants of terrorism no longer pose a threat to the existence of the Iraqi state.

"Today, our people enjoy security and stability as a result of the sacrifices of our righteous martyrs, enabling us to continue working diligently with high determination to achieve an economic and humanitarian revival in free and dignified Iraq," the Prime Minister said.

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