Iraq's President affirms constitutional powers for Kurdistan Region

Iraq's President affirms constitutional powers for Kurdistan Region

Shafaq News/ Iraq's President, Abdul Latif Jamal Rashid, stressed that the power vested in the Kurdistan Region is "constitutional."

In an interview with Al-Hadath TV channel, President Rashid recommended that Kurds from Iran and Turkiye residing in Iraq refrain from threatening neighboring countries while highlighting the importance of establishing multiple relations with the United States.

President Rashid noted that Iraq is "currently enjoying security and stability, with the focus of state institutions on consolidating stability, enhancing services, and developing infrastructure."

Addressing the powers of the Kurdistan Region, he stated that these powers are "constitutional, and there is no official Iraqi body seeking their withdrawal…Iraq is a federal state that guarantees the Kurdistan Region its rights."

Concerning the presence of the Global Coalition, Rashid clarified that its presence is in agreement with the Iraqi government.

"The decision on any timetable for its presence or exit rests with the government in coordination with political forces and the House of Representatives…the initial purpose of the coalition was to combat terrorism and ISIS, and with the diminished threat of ISIS, the coalition's role has evolved." He clarified.

President Rashid desired positive diplomatic, political, economic, and commercial relations with the United States, highlighting the importance of establishing good relations with the U.S., "a major global power."

Speaking on Iraq's relationships with neighboring countries, President Rashid revealed successful efforts to bring Saudi Arabia and Iran closer together. In addition, he underlined the good political, commercial, and investment relations with Turkiye while acknowledging the need to address security concerns through negotiations.

"We reject the use of Iraqi territory for launching attacks or threatening neighboring countries, and I call Kurds from Iran and Turkiye residing in Iraq to respect the principle of not threatening neighboring nations."

On the Palestinian issue, President Rashid strongly condemned the Israeli aggression against Gaza, reaffirming Iraq's firm and clear position, supporting the "legitimate rights of the Palestinian people to live in peace and freedom in their state on the land of Palestine." He.

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