Iraq's PM denounces US-led Coalition attacks on Popular Mobilization Forces

Iraq's PM denounces US-led Coalition attacks on Popular Mobilization Forces

Shafaq News/ On Friday, Iraqi Prime Minister Muhammad Shia Al-Sudani condemned the repeated attacks on the headquarters of the Popular Mobilization Forces by the US-led Coalition, stressing his government's stance on ending the presence of these forces in the country.

In a speech delivered during a ceremony commemorating the 4th anniversary of the assassination of PMF Deputy Chairman Abu Mahdi Al-Muhandis and Iranian Revolutionary Guard Commander General Qassem Soleimani, along with their companions who were killed in a 2020 American airstrike near Baghdad International Airport, Al-Sudani characterized the attack as a "blow" to the "established customs, charters, and laws governing Iraq-US relations."

Addressing recent American strikes on the Popular Mobilization Forces, including the killing of Nujaba Movement leader Abu Taqwa, the Prime Minister condemned the operations, stating that they exceeded the mandate of the Global Coalition.

Al-Sudani announced plans to arrange for the permanent withdrawal of Global Coalition forces from Iraq. He emphasized that the government is committed to "ensuring national sovereignty over Iraq's land and skies."

"Iraq has a strategic partnership agreement and diplomatic relations with the United States, and in this way, the main principles of international relations and the United Nations Charter have been violated," Al-Sudani said.

He underscored that the Popular Mobilization Forces are an official militant group affiliated with the state and an integral part of the Iraqi armed forces.

The United States justifies its operations against the Popular Mobilization Forces as a response to the "Islamic Resistance in Iraq's" actions on the US bases in Iraq and Syria, actions condemned by the Iraqi government.

"We have repeatedly said that any violation or transgression by any Iraqi party, or if Iraqi law is violated, the Iraqi government is the only party with the right to follow up on these violations, and no one can infringe on Iraq's sovereignty," Al-Sudani said.

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