Iraq's Government struggles to protect US companies in Baghdad

Iraq's Government struggles to protect US companies in Baghdad

Shafaq News/ The State of Law Coalition, led by Nouri al-Maliki, stated on Thursday that the Iraqi Government is unable to protect all American companies in Baghdad.

"The continuous targeting of American companies in Baghdad is a complex issue. It appears to be an attack on companies supporting Israel as part of the global boycott of these companies. Unfortunately, instead of a boycott, there have been blatant assaults on these companies," Saad Al-Mutlabi, a leader in the coalition, told Shafaq News Agency.

He added that these attacks may indicate that "entities are working to harm the Iraqi economy, disrupt investments, and negatively impact Iraqi funds in investments, posing a significant threat to foreign investments. This makes the issue quite complicated."

Al-Mutlabi noted that "these operations do not embarrass [Prime Minister] Mohammed Shia Al-Sudani's government, as they happen in countries all over the world," arguing that Israel is "responsible for this due to the massacres it commits in Palestine."

"The Iraqi Government cannot protect every American company in Baghdad and elsewhere. The Government aims to provide general protection, but providing specific protection to each company is extremely difficult."

A string of bombings targeted American restaurants in Baghdad over the weekend.

Three separate attacks occurred within 48 hours, raising concerns about security vulnerabilities in the capital.

No casualties were reported in the bombings, which caused damage to the targeted restaurants: Liz Jolie House on Palestine Street and two KFC franchises, one also on Palestine Street and another in the Karrada district.

Iraqi Interior Minister Abdul Amir al-Shammari ordered a swift shakeup within security forces.

According to an official statement by the ministry, al-Shammari oversaw the reopening of the restaurants and emphasized the importance of restoring public trust.

The statement said the authorities apprehended a number of suspects in connection with the attacks. "Security forces are reportedly conducting ongoing search and investigation operations based on intelligence, aiming to apprehend the remaining perpetrators."

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