Iraq receives 185 families from Al-Hol in Syria

Iraq receives 185 families from Al-Hol in Syria

Shafaq News / Shirwan Al-Dobardani, MP from Nineveh governorate announced on Tuesday the arrival of 185 families from Al-Hol camp in Syria to Iraq.

Al-Dobardani stated to Shafaq News Agency that "185 families, including relatives of ISIS members, were received from Al-Jad'ah camp in Al-Qayyarah sub-district (south of Mosul) as part of the 15th batch," clarifying that "the Iraqi government received them from Al-Hol camp in Syria."

He added that the families "entered Iraq through the Rabia border crossing and underwent security vetting by security and intelligence authorities, then they were transported by buses to the rehabilitation center in Al-Jad'ah."

Al-Hol camp in northeastern Syria houses tens of thousands of wives, children, and suspected supporters of ISIS fighters. Iraq, seeking to mitigate the threat of cross-border extremism, has expressed its intention to close the camp and repatriate its citizens.

"Our goal is to shut down Al-Hol camp," said Iraqi National Security Advisor Qasim al-Araji. "Leaving it open only creates a breeding ground for a new generation of ISIS."

Furthermore, Iraq has been urging other countries to repatriate their citizens from Al-Hol, emphasizing its role as a "source for terrorism".

The camp, heavily guarded and supervised by Syrian Kurdish-led forces with US support, was once home to 73,000 people, primarily Syrians and Iraqis. Over the years, the population decreased to just over 48,000, with approximately 4,000 released since May 2023.

Al-Hol currently holds about 23,000 Iraqis, 17,000 Syrians, and 7,000 individuals of various nationalities, with non-Syrian or Iraqi nationals residing in a section referred to as the Annex, known for hosting the most committed ISIS supporters.

While some nations have accepted the repatriation of their citizens, many Western countries have hesitated to take back their nationals who were part of ISIS.

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