Iraq rallies public support, engages Turkey and Iran as crucial water conference approaches

Iraq rallies public support, engages Turkey and Iran as crucial water conference approaches

Shafaq News/ As the 3rd International Baghdad Water Conference draws near, the Iraqi government is employing a multifaceted approach to rally public support for the country's water issues, using not only media outlets but also targeted SMS messages.

The conference is slated to take place in Baghdad next month.

Citizens have been receiving text messages which read, "The 3rd International Baghdad Water Conference, taking place on May 6-7, 2023, seeks to galvanize global opinion on Iraq's pressing water challenges."

Additionally, the Iraqi government has formally invited both Turkey and Iran to participate in the pivotal conference.

Aoun Dhiab, Iraq's Minister of Water Resources, disclosed that negotiations and cooperative efforts with Iran and Turkey are in full swing, centering on Iraq's water allocation.

He also revealed that the Iranian minister of energy has been invited to attend the 3rd Baghdad Water Conference.

Dhiab noted that following recent talks with Turkey, Iraq will dispatch a technical delegation to Ankara in the near future. The minister said the members of the delegation had been appointed and that the ministry of foreign affairs had been informed of the impending visit, which is anticipated to take place after al-Fitr holiday.

Last month, Iraqi President Abdul Latif Rashid underscored the urgency of accelerating progress in water cooperation during a conference in New York. He highlighted the importance of riparian countries managing available water resources with increased efficiency and effectiveness, as it is essential for Iraq's well-being.

Baghdad previously hosted the 2nd International Water Conference on March 22, 20122, under the administration of former Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi. Iraq continues to urge riparian nations to enhance water resource management and promote equitable sharing in pursuit of sustainable development goals.

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