Iraq eyes China's school construction model to tackle shortage

Iraq eyes China's school construction model to tackle shortage

Shafaq News/ Iraq is exploring China's experience in building schools to address a critical shortage of educational facilities, Ammar al-Hakim, leader of the National State Forces Alliance, said on Wednesday.

Al-Hakim made the announcement during a visit to Diwaniyah on Wednesday, where he met with local officials. 

"Iraq, with its rich history and culture, cannot accept a situation where students are forced to learn in temporary caravan schools," al-Hakim said.

He revealed a potential solution under consideration by the federal government: "a model inspired by China's school construction approach". This model would leverage Iraqi capital and investors to construct new schools, with the government leasing them for a designated period, he said.

"This approach can help tackle the issues of double shifts and the lack of proper school buildings," al-Hakim explained.

The Iraqi education system faces a significant deficit of around 8,000 schools, leading some to implement a double or even triple-shift system to accommodate students.

Many existing schools suffer from dilapidated infrastructure, overcrowded classrooms, and a lack of basic facilities such as electricity, water, and sanitation. This shortage is particularly acute in conflict-affected areas, where destruction and displacement have strained already limited resources. 

As a result, many children are forced to attend classes in makeshift or temporary structures, compromising their safety and learning experience. 

The scarcity of schools not only hampers access to education but also undermines the quality of learning, as overcrowded classrooms and insufficient resources impede effective teaching and learning outcomes. Addressing the lack of adequate schools requires substantial investment in infrastructure development and rehabilitation efforts, as well as targeted interventions to ensure equitable access to quality education for all Iraqi children.

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