Iraq calls for Arab stand to halt Israeli war on Gaza

Iraq calls for Arab stand to halt Israeli war on Gaza

Shafaq News / On Wednesday, the Iraqi government called for an Arab and regional stance to stop Israel's ongoing war on Gaza while also commending the countries that have recognized the State of Palestine.

In a statement, government spokesperson Basim Al-Awadi said that the Iraqi government is closely monitoring the situation in Gaza and the occupied Palestinian territories, especially the recent escalation of Israeli aggression in Rafah, which has resulted in the deaths of unarmed civilians. 

He stressed, "This situation necessitates an extraordinary Arab and regional response and demands that the international community and its organizations take responsibility and intensify efforts to stop the criminal bloodshed of the Palestinian people."

"Iraq calls for a responsible Arab, Islamic, and regional movement at both the popular and official levels, leveraging every influential voice to pressure for an end to the blatant disregard for international and humanitarian norms. Such a movement is crucial to preventing what amounts to a full-scale genocide and to stop the region from spiraling irresponsibly into endless violence."

Al-Awadi also praised the recent recognition of the State of Palestine by several nations. He described these actions as "a clear rebuke to the policies of some international powers that have either supported or remained silent on the aggression and even justified the crimes committed."

The Iraqi government reiterated its support for the Palestinian cause and urged all relevant international bodies and governments to facilitate medical, food, and humanitarian aid efforts immediately.

This statement from the Iraqi government followed a televised speech by Muqtada al-Sadr, leader of the Patriotic Shiite Movement (PSM), who criticized American promises and democracy as being "hypocritical." Addressing Israelis and Americans, he said, "Your days are numbered." 

Al-Sadr also condemned those who claim to support humanity while backing "Israeli terrorism" in Gaza.

Notably, health authorities in Gaza reported that nearly eight months of intense Israeli strikes have resulted in the deaths of over 36,000 people, more than a third of whom are children.

Israel's ongoing conflict in Gaza has significantly damaged its international image and has brought unprecedented confrontations with the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court.

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