Independent MPs await the final results to tackle corruption files in the Grand al-Faw port

Independent MPs await the final results to tackle corruption files in the Grand al-Faw port

Shafaq News/ While awaiting the final election results, a group of winning independent MPs has initiated the legal proceedings to tackle corruption cases related to the construction of the Grand al-Faw port in south Iraq.

A source told Shafaq News Agency said that the MPs have completed the paperwork and they are waiting for the ratification of the election results to approach the Public Prosecutor's office. 

"The MPs are not satisfied with the government's decision to sign a contract with Daewoo instead of the Chinese company and other deals taking place behind the scenes like selling the port's docks that are not complete even though a year has passed since the beginning of the construction."

The Port is considered a strategic national project for Iraq, as it will be the only Iraqi port capable of receiving large ships, enabling Iraq to become part of a new silk road via the transference of goods from east to west through its lands from the Gulf to the Mediterranean Sea.

The project was raised for the first time in 1978, but due to internal and external controversy, it only began after the regime change in 2003. Kuwait later launched the construction of the Mubarak megaport, which raised Iraq's concern as the two ports are close in distance and competition could negatively affect Faw Port. Kuwait announced recently it stopped building Mubarak Port until any further announcement to assure it does not affect its neighbors and also due to economic hardship caused by the coronavirus pandemic. 

Daewoo — a leader in building ports — completed the first two stages of the port. Then controversy erupted over which company might complete the next stages of the port, and demonstrations supported by Shiite militias took place in Basra, most recently on Dec. 18, calling for Daewoo to be replaced by the Chinese company CMEC. 

The obstacles facing Daewoo began Oct. 9 when the body of its manager was found hanged in Basra. Suspicions at that time revolved around political parties and armed groups being involved in his death, along with other assumptions.

The government has already gone with giving the project to the South Korean company, this means that this strategic project will be completed in 2023 and according to plan.

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