Dawa Party Refutes Accusations of Denigrating Religious Authorities

Dawa Party Refutes Accusations of Denigrating Religious Authorities

Shafaq News/ The Islamic Dawa Party on Saturday refuted allegations that links it to social media platforms promoting "disrespectful" remarks against religious figures and clergymen.

The statement came in response to a accusation leveled by Hassan Al-Azzari, a leading figure in the Sadrist movement, against the Dawa Party for its alleged role in inciting derogatory campaigns against the revered Shiite clergyman, Mohammed Sadiq al-Sadr.

"Recently, there has been an influx of baseless accusations and scurrilous papers, alleging that pages with ties to Secretary General Nouri al-Maliki, or ones affiliated with the media of the state, have been complicit in the defilement of highly esteemed religious figures. However, the reality starkly contradicts these allegations. There is no evidence of pages either endorsed by Secretary General al-Maliki or the state that disseminate such offensive content."

"The misinformation circulating is rife with unfounded allegations and distortions, with the intention of sowing discord among brothers," the statement said.

"We emphasize that all our platforms – be they social media pages, news sites, or information centers – are committed to maintaining the highest standards of journalistic integrity and adherence to publishing laws," it continued, "insulting any individual or advocating any form of hostility or hatred is in direct contravention of our ethos."

"Our allegiance to all our esteemed religious references is unwavering, particularly towards the distinguished and leading al-Sadr martyrs - may God be pleased with them. They symbolize the epitome of knowledge, jihad, sacrifice, and martyrdom in the path of God Almighty, and have dedicated their lives in defense of the nation's faith and its emancipation from the iron grip of the Baathist dictatorship."

"Despite the malevolent attempts by certain individuals to spread insidious misinformation – masked behind deceitful terminology and designed to create discord – we remain confident. Our trust in the discernment of our beloved citizens will see through these futile attempts."

"We felt the need to clarify this position to impede those who profit from this losing trade of creating disorder and sowing discord. Such elements, striving to fish in troubled waters, will not deter us from our righteous path, nor will it impact our journey or our bond with our compatriots," it concluded.

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