Al-Sudani from France: securing foreign companies in Iraq is a commitment

Al-Sudani from France: securing foreign companies in Iraq is a commitment

Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Prime Minister, Muhammad S. al-Sudani, pledged to secure the work of foreign companies in Iraq.

During his visit to Paris, PM Al-Sudani met with French business people and owners of major French companies.

"Our visit to France confirms the depth of the bilateral ties, which is now a strategic partnership," Al-Sudani said, according to his media office.

He considered the French investments in Iraq "the right decision."

"In the energy fields, the Iraqi government gives priority to investment in associated gas and renewable energy, petrochemical sector, transportation, and iron and steel sectors," Al-Sudani explained.

"Since the first day, the Iraqi government has been working to improve the business environment and to make structural reform in the economy and the financial sector, in addition, to working seriously in combating corruption."

Al-Sudani stressed that securing the work of foreign companies in Iraq is a "principal commitment of the government."

Iraq's Prime Minister Mohammad Shia al-Sudani arrived in the French capital city, Paris, in an official on Thursday.

Al-Sudani met with French President Emmanuel Macron at the Elysee Palace. They discussed bilateral relations between Baghdad and Paris, regional and international issues of mutual concern, and cooperation in vital sectors.

After the meeting, the two parties signed a strategic partnership agreement regarding economic and security, combating terrorism, cultural exchange, crisis management, fighting economic and organized crime, protecting the environment, and promoting human rights.

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