"Al-Sadr's shadow" warns the Coordination Framework against counter-demonstrations 

"Al-Sadr's shadow" warns the Coordination Framework against counter-demonstrations 

Shafaq News/ A self-proclaimed advisor of Muqtada al-Sadr warned the Shiite forces Coordination Framework of "undermining the social peace" following the latter's calls for counter-demonstration.

In a tweet he shared earlier today, Saturday, Saleh Mohammad al-Iraqi, who runs a Twitter account named "the leader's advisor", said, "explosive-laden drones damage the prestige of the state, not protecting the institutions from corruption."

"Undermining the sectarian security in Kurdistan and al-Anbar damage the prestige of the state," he added, "it has not been so long since Qasem Musleh and leaks."

"Al-Sadr's shadow" warned against "calls for tampering with the social security as you did in your demonstrations against the elections you claim it is rigged."

The Coordination Framework called on its supporters to stage counter-demonstrations "in defense of the Iraqi state" following the protests of the Sadrist movement supporters who stormed Baghdad's ultra-secure Green Zone earlier today, Saturday.

"We follow with concern the unfortunate events Baghdad has been witnessing over the past few days, particularly the assaults on the constitutional institutions, storming the parliament, and threatening to attack the judicial authority, the official departments, and security forces," the consortium of the Iraqi Shiite forces said in a statement on Saturday.

"We call on the Iraqi people who believe in law, constitution, and constitutional legitimacy to defend the state, its legitimacy, and departments," the statement said.

"We hold the government the full responsibility of protecting the constitutional states," the statement said, "we also hold the parties behind this escalation the liability of this deed's repercussions on the social peace."

"The state, its legitimacy, and the social peace is a red line. The Iraqis shall defend them with all the peaceful means," the statement concluded.

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