Al-Sadr comments on the UN Envoy's briefing, agrees on public dialogue

Al-Sadr comments on the UN Envoy's briefing, agrees on public dialogue

Shafaq News/ The leader of the Sadrist movement, Muqtada al-Sadr, praised the briefing presented by the UN Special Envoy to Iraq, Jeanine-Hennis Plasschaert, in the UN Security Council, expressing that he accepts holding public dialogue with the political blocs.

A-Sadr said on Twitter that he agrees with Plasschaert that the main reason for the current situation in Iraq is corruption, considering the first step for gradual reform is to forbid the "old figures and parties" from participating in the next government.

"We agree to dialogue if it is public to exclude all those who previously participated in the political and electoral processes and to hold the corrupt accountable." He added.

The influential Shiite cleric expressed support for the statements of the participants in the UN Security Council session regarding illegal weapons.

"I call all parties not to resort to violence and weapons...The current prime minister (Mustafa Al-Kadhimi) is under pressure on this issue, even though he is the Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces…Some armed men do not follow his orders despite being within state authority."

Concerning the Turkish and Iranian attacks on Iraqi territories, Al-Sadr said he agrees with the Security Council's point of view, calling "the dear neighboring countries to respect Iraq's sovereignty and maintain its security and stability through diplomatic means or dialogue."

"But I'm against the insistence of some members of the Security Council to form a government in Iraq. So many governments have been formed but have harmed the country and the people."

"I advise the Security Council not to listen to the statement of Ambassador Mohammed Hussein Mohammed Bahr AlUloom, the Permanent Representative of Iraq in this session, whose speech was wrong," calling on the United Nations Special Envoy to remain neutral and not to be aligned to a political party at the expense of another.

On Tuesday, the Special Representative of the UN Secretary-General for Iraq, and Head of the UNAMI Mission, delivered a briefing at the UN Security Council (UNSC) on the situation concerning Iraq.

"In the past 12 months political discord and power play prevailed over a sense of common duty. Actors across the spectrum left Iraq in a prolonged impasse," UNAMI chief said, "Iraqis were being held hostage to an unpredictable and untenable situation that degenerated in armed clashes." The UN Envoy said.

"There is zero justification for violence. And with risks of further strife and bloodshed very tangible, we can only reiterate the importance of keeping any protest away from violence. It is incumbent on all sides to act responsibly in times of heightened tensions." She added.

"For dialogue to bear fruit, it is crucial that all parties take their seat. There are solutions. But only if there is a willingness to compromise," she continued, "ultimately, it all comes down to political will. All leaders should assume responsibility." She said

Plassheart pointed out, "Public disillusion is running sky-high. Too many Iraqis have lost faith in the ability of the political class to act in the interest of the country and its people. A continued failure to address this loss of faith, will only exacerbate Iraq's problems."

"Iraq's political and governance system ignores the needs of the Iraqi people. Pervasive corruption is a major root cause of Iraqi dysfunctionality. And no leader can claim to be shielded from it. Keeping the system 'as is' will backfire." She said.

"In May, I raised the alarm at Turkish and Iranian shelling in the North having become the 'new normal' for Iraq. With last week's Iranian attacks, I can now only repeat myself. These reckless acts must cease. No neighbour should treat Iraq as its backyard."

"It is in the power of any Iraqi leader to drag the country into a protracted and deadly conflict, as it is in their power to place the national interest first and lift the country out of this crisis," she said.

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