Al-Kadhimi from UAE: Iraq boosts Bold measures to facilitate investments

Al-Kadhimi from UAE: Iraq boosts Bold measures to facilitate investments

Shafaq News/ The Prime Minister of Iraq, Mustafa al-Kadhimi, said that "dire and complicated" circumstances impeded development and services in Iraq, highlighting "bold measures" taken by his government to boost the economy.

PM al-Kadhimi stated upon meeting a group of Emirati companies and investors in Abu Dhabi, "Iraq experienced dire and complicated circumstances that hampered development and services," adding, "Iraq is the crib of civilization. Diversity in Iraq is a strength for us, and it deserves endorsing efforts to serve its citizens."

"The Iraqi Government made bold decisions in finance, economics, and development. The Iraqi economy is gradually recovering."

Al-Kadhimi referred to the reform paper prepared to enhance the private sectors, stressing that Iraq welcomes Emirati investors and companies.

He continued, "The government issued several decrees to eliminate bureaucracy and provide facilities to the governments," highlighting its efforts in the field of clean energy.

The Emirati investors praised the substantial improvements introduced by al-Kadhimi's government, expressing their willingness to invest in Iraq in various sectors. 

Al-Kadhimi embarked to UAE on an official visit in an effort to forge close ties with oil-rich Gulf Arab monarchies.

Khadimi's visit to the UAE follows one to Saudi Arabia last week, during which Riyadh said it would increase investments in Iraq by five-fold to $2.67 billion.

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