Zahra's father reveals details of the most heinous crime in the Iraqi protests


Shafaq News/ Ali Salman, the father of university student Zahraa, said on Thursday that his daughter had been killed because of her support for the protests in the country, stressing that neither he nor any of his family members had political affiliation.

"My daughter was killed because of her support for her fellow protesters," Salman told Shafaq News, adding that neither he nor any of his family members, including his dead daughter, had received threats in advance.”

"I was providing material and logistical support to the demonstrators from mu money, where I often took Zahra to Tahrir Square and we were distributing aid to the demonstrators."

"Zahra often spent the money I gave her to the demonstrators and help the needy of her colleagues," Salman said. "Help and goodness have been a feature of my daughter since childhood."

"There were those who were filming us in Tahrir Square and we were avoiding it and trying as hard as possible not to be filmed. We were suspicious of it. There are those who insist on filming inside the square," he said, “ I don’t accuse any party of killing my daughter as I have no personal problem with anyone”.

 "We are Faili Iraqi Kurds and we are known to be peaceful people in society. We are not hostile to anyone, we were and are still oppressed."

On the other hand, relatives of the young lady, Zahra told Shafaq News that the latter was tortured by her kidnappers where she was electrocuted and received several stab wounds in her body as well as a broken jaw and a skull then her dead body was thrown in front of her house in Baghdad”.

Zahra Ali Salman, born in 2000 was an Iraqi university student, killed on Tuesday after being kidnapped and her body thrown in front of her home.

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