Text of Sinjar agreement

Text of Sinjar agreement

Shafaq News / Baghdad and Erbil signed an agreement in Sinjar on Friday; the text includes three axes, administrative, security, and reconstruction.

Following is some prominent recommendations of the deal.

-In the administrative axis:

·        Choosing a new Kaimakam Sinjar that preserving his independence, integrity and freedom from bias

-In the security axis:

·        The local police, the National Security and Intelligence services take responsibility within the district.

·         All armed factions are deported outside the borders of Sinjar.

·        Appointing 2,500 members of the Internal Security Forces in Sinjar

·        Ending the presence of PKK in Sinjar district and the surrounding areas

-In the axis of reconstruction:

·        Forming a joint committee from the federal government and the Regional Government to reconstruct Sinjar in coordination with the local administration in Nineveh Governorate.


The Iraqi government announced on Friday that Baghdad had reached a “historic deal” with the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) over the governance and security of Sinjar, according to Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi’s spokesperson, Ahmed Mulla Talal.

Several parties welcomed the agreement between the federal government and the Regional Government including Jordan and the United Nations.

The deal ends the authority of intruding groups and paves the way for the reconstruction of the district and the full return of its people in coordination between Er

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