Russia's Ambassador: the US imposes its weapons and services on the Iraqis

Russia's Ambassador: the US imposes its weapons and services on the Iraqis
Shafaq News/ Russian Ambassador to Iraq Elbrus Kutrashev said that Moscow is interested in enhancing ties with Baghdad at the highest level.

"We are interested in intensifying the exchange of visits at the highest level. Although so far, I cannot voice specific details, decisions are being worked out," Kutrashev told Sputnik.

"As soon as the Iraqis cope with their current problems, we will tackle our dialogue with them at the highest political level, including visits," Kutrashev added.

The Russian Ambassador pointed out that Iraqis like Russian arms, but "Washington is hindering the expansion of military-technical cooperation between Moscow and Baghdad by showing unfair competition."

"The Iraqis like Soviet- and Russian-made weapons because they are very familiar with them. In addition, we have competitive prices. In this regard, if the Iraqis and we were not interfered with by the Americans and their allies, I think this cooperation would have advanced to the level it was during the Soviet Union times," the Ambassador said.

Kutrashev pointed to Washington's unfair competition, saying that the United States "imposes its weapons and services on the Iraqis."

"The main things our Iraqi friends do not like are the price of American arms and maintenance costs, which are four times more expensive than Russian arms."

Kutrashev added that the US doe not allow the Iraqi counterparts "to look inside the supplied equipment" and leave the maintenance of the delivered weapons to themselves.

"There is even a suspicion that something is hidden inside that should not be shown to anyone, including consumers," the Ambassador said.

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