Lawmaker accuses al-Kadhimi of allowing Israeli products into Iraq


Shafaq News/ Iraq's caretaker Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi allowed Israeli products into Iraq, a member of the Sadiqoun parliamentary bloc said on Wednesday.

Lawmaker Zeinab al-Mousawi in a statement said that al-Kadhimi's government did not handle the economic crisis in Iraq and offered Jordanian and Egyptian products privileges over the domestic products of the country.

"Al-Kadhimi offered exemptions for 371 products from Jordan; a country that only produces 80 products. Under this title, some wholesalers imported Israeli, Saudi, Turkish, and Egyptian products as Jordanian," she said.

"Mediators in Jordan change the packaging of those products and mark them as Made in Jordan in order to be imported to Iraq tax-free," she concluded.

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