"Iraqi Resistance Association" Castigates Saudi Arabia for Regional Interference, Domestic Repression

"Iraqi Resistance Association" Castigates Saudi Arabia for Regional Interference, Domestic Repression

Shafaq News/ Amid endeavors for rapprochement between Tehran and Riyadh, the Iran-backed "Iraqi Resistance Coordination" issued a searing critique against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia on Saturday.

The Coordination lambasted what it called the "Saudi regime" for its alleged interventions in regional countries and its oppressive practices, including the execution of political adversaries.

"The Islamic Ummah is afflicted by oppressive tyrannical regimes, with the Saudi entity being a blatant example," the Coordination said in a statement.

"Its level of criminality and arbitrariness has reached a point that cannot be ignored, considering the bloodshed caused by its dominance and tyranny," the statement added.

The Coordination outlined the Saudi Arabia's alleged offenses, including "crimes committed in Yemen and Bahrain, its conspiracies against Iraq, Palestine, Syria, and Lebanon." It also drew attention to the situation in the Arabian Peninsula, where it claimed people, especially those from the Eastern Region of Saudi Arabia, faced "executions and disappearances in prisons."

"They strive to subjugate the people to their desired objectives," the statement continued, suggesting that "the Family of Saud will not cease creating crises and committing crimes unless the Zionist and American intelligence and military presence in the region is terminated."

Addressing the recent execution campaign in Saudi Arabia, the Coordination said, "the Saudi regime has confirmed its bloody course... and adopted a despotic policy to muzzle dissent, suppress opposition voices, and prevent them from claiming their rights."

The Association urged a firm stance to counteract the Saudi regime's alleged transgressions and appealed for resistance as the only viable recourse to thwart the domination and conspiracies against the Islamic Ummah..

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