Iraqi PM: the Government is considering redefining the priorities of work of UNAMI

Iraqi PM: the Government is considering redefining the priorities of work of UNAMI

Shafaq News/ Iraqi Prime Minister Mohammad Shia Al-Sudani announced the Government's intention to redefine the priorities and scope of work for the United Nations Assistance Mission for Iraq (UNAMI) during a meeting with Volker Perthes, the Head of the Independent Strategic Review of UNAMI, and his delegation on Wednesday.

Expressing Iraq's willingness to support UNAMI in its tasks, Al-Sudani commended the dedication of United Nations workers globally and praised the Secretary-General of the United Nations, Antonio Guterres, for his "principled stance on the events in Gaza."

He emphasized the Iraqi Government's unique perspective on its international assistance requirements and desire to refocus UNAMI's efforts. Al-Sudani outlined key areas for cooperation, including addressing water scarcity, climate change, economic and financial reform, improving services, combating corruption, and upholding human rights principles.

Al-Sudani underscored Iraq's increasing capacity to tackle internal and external challenges, actively contributing to regional stability and peace.

Perthes acknowledged the positive developments in Iraq since 2003, particularly in democracy and civil peace. He praised the Government's initiatives, highlighting projects like the Development Road Initiative aimed at economic diversification and stability.

Perthes revealed that the Independent Strategic Review team plans to conduct on-site visits in Iraq, engaging with federal and local government representatives and UN teams.

UNAMI is a special political mission established in 2003 by UN Security Council Resolution 1500 at the request of the Government of Iraq. The Mission has been operational ever since, and its role was greatly expanded in 2007 with the adoption of Resolution 1770.

According to the UN, "UNAMI's mandate is to prioritize the provision of advice, support, and assistance to the Government and people of Iraq on advancing the inclusive, political dialogue and national and community-level reconciliation; assisting in the electoral process; facilitating regional dialogue between Iraq and its neighbors; and promoting the protection of human rights and judicial and legal reforms."

About 650 personnel, 250 international and 400 national staff, work for the Mission in Iraq.

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