Iraq shuts down the Consulates of Belarus in Baghdad and Erbil


Shafaq News/ The Iraqi Government opted to shut down the Belarusian Consul-General in Baghdad and Erbil, the East-European country's Honorary Consul in the Kurdistan Region, Fuad Mamend, said earlier today, Saturday.

In a press statement he released earlier today, the Belarusian diplomat said that his country's ambassador to Iraq, who is residing in Ankara, has instructed him to close the consulate at the behest of the Iraqi government.

"The Iraqi government decided to close the Belarusian Consulate in Erbil as well," he added.

Shafaq News Agency shares below footage of the Belarusian flag being taken down at the site of the Belarusian Consulate in the capital city of the Kurdistan Region.

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Shafaq Live