ISIS terrorists abduct a poultry farm owners in Diyala


Shafaq News/ A group of ISIS terrorists abducted three civilians in al-Abbara, Northeast Baquba, Diyala governorate.

A source told Shafaq News News Agency that five to six ISIS terrorists in military uniform raided a poultry farm owned by members of al-Zyhairiyah tribe, in al-Had al-Akhdar, al-Abbara.

The perpetrators forced the detained guards to report false fire alarms to the owners and lure them into the farm.

The owners rushed to the farm only to find out that the terrorists are detaining the guards. Afterward, the terrorists abducted four owners, released one of them near the farms, and drove the remaining to an unknown destination.

The source said that the terrorists would ask for a ransom to afford with the poor income they are suffering from since the liberation.

The outskirts of al-Had Al-Akhdar nest many groups of ISIS terrorists sheltering in the orchards and agricultural lands.

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