ISIS executes a farmer and tries to attack power transmission towers in Saladin


Shafaq News/ ISIS operatives executed a farmer and attempted to attack power transmission towers in two separate incidents today, Tuesday, a source in Saladin told Shafaq News Agency.

The source revealed that a group of ISIS terrorists raided the residence of "Hasan Jabar al-Abbasi", in al-Abbasi area, north of Samarra, Southeast to Tikrit, and executed him on site for undisclosed motives.

The crime appears to be retaliatory as the residents reported that al-Abbasi served in the Tribal Mobilization, according to the residents of the area. 

The same source said that "Energy Police" thwarted an ISIS attack targeting power transmission towers in al-Abbasi. 

The security forces clashed with the perpetrators for two hours and forced them to retreat without registering casualties or injuries among the defending unit. 

Yesterday, Monday, ISIS operatives reportedly executed a Federal Police officer in the same district of al-Abbasi.

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