Global Coalition base attacked by drones on Syrian-Iraqi-Jordanian Border

Global Coalition base attacked by drones on Syrian-Iraqi-Jordanian Border

Shafaq News/ A source within the Global Coalition reported on Thursday that three drones attacked the Al-Tanf base on the Syrian-Iraqi-Jordanian border. The incident occurred within the 55-kilometre area surrounding the base.

The source told Shafaq News Agency that the Coalition forces successfully intercepted and downed two of the drones, but the third managed to target the base. Currently, there is no information on casualties resulting from the attack.

This follows a similar incident on Wednesday when the U.S. Central Command revealed that attacks were thwarted on Iraq's Ain al-Asad and Harir bases.

A statement released by the command revealed, "Our forces repelled two drone attacks in western Iraq, destroying one and resulting in minor injuries among coalition forces."

The statement highlighted the destruction of a third drone in the Kurdistan Region, preventing any casualties or damages.

"We are at a heightened state of readiness, closely monitoring the situation in Iraq and the region. We want to reiterate that U.S. forces will defend against any threat", the statement added.

Recent drone attacks on American bases, notably the Al-Tanf base on the Syrian-Iraqi-Jordanian border, have raised concerns among analysts, some of whom speculate a potential link to the escalating Palestinian-Israeli conflict. While periodic targeting of American bases has been observed, the absence of a clear, responsible party has added to the situation's complexity.

Several armed factions in Iraq, including Kataeb Hezbollah, have previously issued threats against American sites, indicating a broader regional unrest.

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