Financial issues hinder ISIS elimination, senior Peshmerga officer says


Shafaq News/ "Delay of allocations" impedes the progress of the coordination plan between the Kurdistan's Ministry of Peshmerga and the Federal Ministry of Defense, a senior Peshmerga officer revealed on Wednesday.

In a statement to Shafaq News Agency, Secretary-General of the Peshmerga Ministry, Jabbar Yawar, said that the Ministry has officially handed the 20th brigade as stipulated by the Joint-Defense agreement.

"However, the Ministry of Finance asserted that the 2021 budget does not include any allocations to the formation of any military brigades," he said.

"The Ministry of the Peshmerga has already handed the financial registers of the 20th brigade to the finance directorate in the Defense Ministry," he continued.

"The implementation of the coordination agreement requires establishing camps, headquarters, patrols, light and heavy weaponry, vehicles, in addition to all the supplies needed ahead of the deployment plan that covers a strip of 550 kilometers between the Sohaila area, near the Syrian borders, and Khanaqin, Northeast Diyala."

"The financial issues are the only obstacle to implementing the agreement and ending ISIS expansion,"  he concluded.

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