Federal Court might annul and recount some EVMs, Coordination Framework says


Shafaq News/ The leading figure in the Coordination Framework, Ahmed Abdul-Hussein, expects the Supreme Federal Court's ruling in the complaint filed by the head of al-Fatah bloc, Hadi al-Ameri, to overturn the results of some Electronic Voting Machines (EVMs) and recount others.

In a statement to Shafaq News Agency, Abdul-Hussein said, "the Supreme Federal Court will not ratify the election results before looking into the evidence presented by al-Fatah alliance. We are waiting for tomorrow's ruling because it will be compelling and unchallengeable."

"The evidence and the documents submitted with the case confirm that the election process was impartial. For this reason, the Supreme Federal Court will instruct a recount and re-tally of some EVMs. It may annul the input of some EVMs as well."

Al-Fatah's lawyer in the complaint against the election results: C1000 is our argument, verdict to be issued tomorrow

In a statement to Shafaq News Agency, the appellant lawyer, Mohammad al-Saedi, said, "the court will convene tomorrow on Monday to issue the verdict."

"The C1000 system is the main argument in the case, given it was used without a contract and it serves as a data manager, encryptor, and decoder, besides its role in presenting the results," he explained.

"The Court will issue its verdict tomorrow. It is unknown until the moment. It can be annulling the results or dismissing the complaint," the counselor concluded.

The expert in Iraqi law, Tariq Harb, expected that the Supreme Federal Court will dismiss the complaint filed by al-Ameri to annul the October 10 election results.

Harb said in a statement to Shafaq News Agency, "the court recently dismissed a complaint filed by the candidate who won a seat in al-Muthanna Basem Khashan and other candidates to demand the reinstatement of dissolved parliament."

"For this reason, I think that the court will dismiss the complaint filed by al-Ameri to abolish the election results. Its ruling will be unappealable."

"Afterwards, the court will ratify the election results," he said.

The Supreme Federal Court will issue on Monday its verdict in the lawsuit al-Fatah alliance had filed to annul the October 10 election results.

A source told Shafaq News Agency that the court will convene on 26/12/2021 to announce its ruling after completing the hearing and trial procedures.

The leader of al-Fatah alliance, Hadi al-Ameri, reiterated his rejecting position in his testimony before the court today.

Pro-Tehran forces, led by al-Fatah alliance, that emerged as the biggest losers in the election reject the outcome of the vote, thrusting the country into uncertainty and political crisis.

The unsubstantiated claims of voter fraud are casting a shadow over an election that was praised by the United States, the U.N. Security Council, and others for being the smoothest in years and without major technical glitches.

The standoff also increased tensions among rival Shiite factions that could reflect on the street and threaten Iraq's newfound relative stability. However, a recent exchange of visits offered a glimmer of hope for forming a new government.

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