EXCLUSIVE: details about the new Iraqi government formation, WHAT and WHEN

EXCLUSIVE: details about the new Iraqi government formation, WHAT and WHEN

Shafaq News/ A leader in the Coordination Framework revealed exclusively to Shafaq News Agency details about the new government headed by Muhammad Shia'a Al-Sudani.

The leader, who preferred to stay anonymous, told our Agency that the next government would include 22 ministers; 14 figures were nominated for 14 ministerial portfolios, and the other six would be chosen by consensus among the political parties.

Our source pointed out that the government formation will be presented to the House of Representatives in the coming days for approval.

Concerning the "distribution of portfolios," the CF leader explained that the decision was taken according to the election results and political representation in the Parliament.

The new government formation would include, according to our source:

-The Shiia component, represented by the Framework: 12 ministries are the interior, oil, finance, electricity, health, higher education and scientific research, agriculture, transport, labor and Social Affairs, Sports and Youth, Water Resources, and Communications.

-The Sunni component: six ministries are defense, planning, education, industry, commerce, and culture.

-The Kurdish component: four ministries are foreign affairs, justice, and Construction, Housing, Municipalities, and Public Works.

He pointed out that the so-called non-sovereign ministries (three) would be equally for independents, the Christian, and the Turkmen components.

It is expected that the Iraqi Parliament would approve Al-Sudani's government without concerns since the 73 lawmakers of the Sadrist bloc, the main rival of the Framework, resigned last June.

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