Dhi Qar Health Department: Turkish field hospital to start working from this evening


Shafaq News/ The new Director General of Dhi Qar Health Department, Saadi Al-Majed, announced today, Tuesday, that the Turkish field hospital will start working from this evening.

Al-Majed said in a press conference "the Turkish hospital will begin receiving emergency cases and conducting some medical operations, while Al-Hussein Teaching Hospital will be a center for isolating people infected with the Covid-19."

He indicated, "The next stage will be very different from the previous, we will reveal by names those politicians who object to the work of the Dhi Qar Health Department.”

On yesterday’s events, Al-Majed confirmed, “The governor has formed specialized committees to reveal the truth as soon as possible, and we will announce the results, as soon as they are completed.”

Scores perished yesterday in a fire that erupted in a COVID-19 hospital in Nasiriyah, the capital city of the southern governorate of Dhi Qar.

Last April, a fire caused by an oxygen tank explosion at Ibn Al-Khatib COVID-19 hospital in Baghdad took at least 82 lives and forced some people to leap through windows out of the burning building.

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