Demonstrators storm the streets of Dhi Qar and al-Muthanna


Shafaq News / Hundreds of people demonstrated in Dhi Qar and al-Muthanna, raising local demands.

The demonstrators gathered in Al-Haboubi Square, in Nasiriyah, demanding the dissolution of the position of governor of Dhi Qar, holding the demonstrators' assassins accountable, and revealing the fate of Sajjad Al-Iraqi and other activists who disappeared.

In Al-Muthanna, dozens of demonstrators marched towards the Governorate Office building to demand the dismissal of the governor, Ahmed Manfi, and revealing the fate of the kidnapped in all governorates, especially in Dhi Qar.

The demonstrators accused the local government of kidnapping the activist Haidar Khashan for several hours yesterday, and threatened to take serious actions if their demands are met.

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