Al-Mansour attack was intended to target the Intelligence headquarters while al-Kadhimi inside


Shafaq News/ Sunday's rocket attack on al-Mansour area, downtown the Iraqi capital Baghdad, was intended to target the headquarters of the Iraqi Intelligence Services while the head of the agency, PM Mustafa al-Kadhimi, was in office.

Al-Kadhimi, the chair of the Iraqi Council of Ministers, was in charge of the National Intelligence Agency before taking the Premier's office.

A source told Shafaq News Agency that the attack was not targeting the Green Zone, but the Intelligence headquarters, "a rocket landed outside the building."

"The attack took place while the Iraqi Prime Minister was inside the headquarters," the source added.

Earlier today, three Katyusha rockets landed in three different locations inside al-Mansour area. The explosions resulting from the attack did not cause any casualties.

On Friday, a source informed Shafaq News Agency that attacks, including rocket attacks, might expectably occur in Baghdad within hours from the statement.

Shortly after making the announcement, a domestically-made rocket launcher equipped with a Katyusha rocket in al-Shu'la, Baghdad.

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