Abdullatif Rashid elected as President of Iraq


Shafaq News / Iraq’s parliament elected Abdullatif Rashid as the country’s new president.

Earlier today, the presidential election went to a run-off vote as Rashid (147 votes) outperformed incumbent president Barham Salih (98 votes) but failed to muster the backing of a supermajority.

The new President is expected to appoint Mohammed Shiya'a al-Sudani as a new Prime Minister, the largest bloc's candidate for the premiership, so he can start forming the new cabinet within 30 days of his appointment.

Iraqis last voted on October 10, 2021 in an election triggered by a wave of mass protests against endemic corruption, rampant unemployment and decaying infrastructure.

The country has yet to form a new government after last year’s election, leaving caretaker Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kadhimi in charge.

Rival Shiite parties in parliament have been vying for influence and the right to select a new premier and government.

The standoff has seen both sides set up protest camps and at times has sparked deadly street clashes in Baghdad.

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