19 terrorists arrested in al-Anbar and Baghdad 


Shafaq News /  Al-Anbar's police command arrested 19 terrorists today, while the Baghdad operations command announced detaining a terrorist and seizing explosive devices north of the governorate. 

The police command said in a statement that it will publish a part of the terrorists' confessions, who were involved in many crimes in al-Anbar, in which many were killed and huge parts of the governorate's infrastructure were destroyed. 

For its part, the Baghdad operations command said a terrorist was arrested while trying to enter the governorate. In addition, 15 explosive devices were detonated by the explosive ordnance disposal squads. 

Earlier today, the Counter-Terrorism Service announced arresting eight ISIS terrorists today.

The service said in a statement that its forces launched two military operations in al-Anbar and Saladin governorates, where they arrested six terrorists.

According to the statement, another terrorist was ambushed and detained in Babel. 

The eighth terrorist was arrested in al-Sulaymaniyah, in cooperation with the Asayish forces.

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