Iraqi staff protest against a British company southern Iraq


Shafaq News / A group of Iraqi workers working in the British "security CRG" company in West Qurna Field (1) in Basra Governorate renewed their protest on Sunday  in front of the company's headquarters in al- Zubair district west of the province, in protest against the termination of their services by the company and firing them without notice.

“The protest was renewed today in front of the company’s headquarters, for firing (49) workers under the pretext of the spread of Corona's epidemic and comes as a result of the non- response to our demands despite our appeals to the Iraqi MPs of Basra Governorate in the Oil and Energy Committee and Basra Governor and our fear that the fate of (49) the family would be hunger and poverty due to ending our contacts we have families and we do not have another source of income,” One of the protesters, Muhammad Al-Shammari told Shafaq News reporter.

The protesters threatened a peaceful escalation if parliament members of oil and parliamentary energy committee did not respond to the injustice that happened to us after the British company terminated their contracts that did not end legally, as the protestor says.

On April 22 current year, a group of workers at the British company "CRG" located in Al-Burjsiya within Al-Zubair district of Basra Governorate, organized a demonstration in front of the company headquarters to protest against the termination of their services by the company without prior notice.

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