US imports of Iraqi crudes dropped, EIA said


Shafaq News / The US Energy Information Administration (EIA) said on Saturday that Iraqi crude oil exports to the US declined to 155,000 barrels per day (bpd) during the past week.

According to a report released by the EIA, "The United States imported crude oil from Iraq at a rate of 155,000 bpd, down from to 305,000 bpd only a week earlier."

"The majority of US oil imports this week came from Canada at a rate of 3,435 million bpd, followed by Mexico 878 thousand bpd, KSA 555 thousand bpd, and Brazil 349 thousands bpd."

The EIA’s report also stated, "the amount of imports of crude oil from Russia amounted to 203,000 barrels per day, followed by Saudi Arabia at a rate of 178,000 barrels per day, and Nigeria at 95,000 barrels per day."

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