Turkey offers assistance to curb desertification in Iraq


Shafaq News/ Turkey's ambassador to Iraq, Alireza Guney, on Sunday offered his country's help in reforesting arid land throughout Iraq to deter the expanding desertification in the country.

The Iraqi Ministry of Agriculture said that Minister Mohammad al-Khafaji hosted the Turkish ambassador in his bureau downtown the Iraqi capital, Baghdad, earlier today. 

According to a readout, Guney offered Turkey's assistance in combating desertification by contributing to reforestation projects in the Iraqi governorates, particularly the southern. 

Guney said that the Turkish offer includes expert consultation on the flora that suites the Iraqi ecosystem and a contribution to the field of Agriculture, farming, poultry, and irrigation. 

Al-Khafaji said that the Ministry will submit the Turkish offer to the cabinet to obtain the necessary approvals, highlighting the decrees the cabinet made to uphold Iraqi agriculture and food security.

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