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Samarra to establish +15bn Dinar worth of service projects

Category: Economy

Date: 2021-05-16T21:17:47+0000
Samarra to establish +15bn Dinar worth of service projects

Shafaq News / The Samarra District authorities announced that more than 15 billion dinars were allocated to establish service projects in the district, to be implemented as soon as the implementation of the budget law begins.

The Deputy commissioner of Samarra, Mahmoud Khalaf al-Samarrai, told Shafaq News agency that the projects will be implemented as soon as the budget law is put into force, indicating that there are other projects allocated to Samarra within the Fund for Reconstruction of Liberated Areas and Support and Stability of Cities Affected by Terrorism.

The Iraqi governorates and their administrative units have suffered from a lack of service projects during the past year due to COVID-19 and the financial crisis that resulted from it. 

Samarra is located 125 km north of Baghdad. It is bordered to the north by Tikrit, to the west by Ramadi, and to the east by Baquba. The district’s population is 440,000, 190,000 of whom live in the city of Samarra.