Nineveh looks forward to Canada's investment in its oil fields


Shafaq News / The local administration in Nineveh said it looks forward to Canada's investment in the governorate's oil fields.

This came during the visit of Canadian Ambassador Ulric Shannon to Nineveh and his meeting with Governor Najm al-Jubouri.

Al-Jubouri commended in a joint press conference with the Canadian ambassador, Canada's "great role" in helping and training the Iraqi forces in the war against ISIS.

"Canada is standing by us to reconstruct the country, through its presence with the United Nations and non-governmental organizations working in Nineveh", he added. 

Moreover, Al-Jubouri pointed out, "Nineveh is looking forward to more cooperation with Canada, especially since the oil in Nineveh carries the same specifications as the Canadian oil."

He noted that Canada had contributed more than $ 400 million in aid to Iraq.

The ambassador's visit came to inaugurate some projects funded by his country in the University of Mosul.

However, Shannon said that his visit to Mosul was delayed due to the security and health situation, indicating that he had discussed with the governor of Nineveh investment opportunities and cooperation methods.

He added that his country, "is currently focusing on humanitarian efforts, but we look forward in the future to focus on the commercial side."

"I will work to expand the Canadian companies' and merchants' knowledge to help them invest in the Iraqi market."

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