Iraq surpasses KSA in oil exports to USA


Shafaq News/ The U.S. Energy Information Administration(EIA) has announced on Saturday a surge in Iraqi oil exports to the U.S. to up to 235,000 barrels per day, surpassing last week’s Saudi exports.

According to a report released by the EIA, “Last week’s U.S. imports of crude oil from 9 different countries amounted to 4,640,000 barrels per day, 206,000 barrels less than the previous week.”

“The US has imported a daily average of 235,000 barrels from Iraq this week, in comparison to last week’s 41,000 barrels per day.”

The report added that most of the US’s imports during the past week came from Canada at a rate of 1,924,000 barrels per day, followed by Mexico at 434,000 barrels per day, Colombia at 278,000 barrels per day and Ecuador at 257,000 barrels per day.

The EIA also stated that imports from KSA averaged at 224,000 barrels per day, followed by Nigeria at 157,000 barrels per day, Russia at 67,000 barrels per day, and Brazil at 64,000 barrels per day.

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