Iraq's oil minister expresses optimism following talks with KRG over oil


Shafaq News/ Iraq's Minister of Oil, Ihsan Abdul-Jabbar Ismail, on Monday expressed optimism following talks with a delegation from the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) on the administration of Kurdistan's oil and gas wealth, and the Region's Minister of State for Negotiation Affairs with the Federal Government, Khalid Shwani, called for legislating of the oil and gas law.

Speaking in a press conference earlier today, Ismail said, "we discussed a joint mechanism to run the oil and gas industry with the delegation of the KRG."

Our purpose in the Ministry is to maximize the state's income in order to secure the salaries and lay the foundations of development," he continued, "the KRG delegation evinced an understanding for those necessities the Ministry accounts for"

"Today's talks were quite positive from the Region's...we expect the real work to kick off as soon as we got answers from the decision makers in Erbil," he concluded. 

"KRG is seeking to address the dispute radically via the constitution in order to achieve the utmost interest of the Iraqis and distribute the income fairly between Kurdistan and Iraq."

"We have laid down what can be a foundation for a future roadmap to address the oil dispute, comprehensively and radically," he said,  "the optimal solution is to legislate the oil and gas law." 

"The Law shall be enacted soon. What we discussed today can serve as a nucleus for the oil and gas bill," he continued, "the talks a good start."

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