Iraq’s exposure to US securities up over $21 billion in June


Shafaq News/ Iraq’s holding of US government securities surged to $21.2 billion in June.

Latest data from the US Treasury Department showed that Iraq’s balance of US Treasury bonds raised by 23.98% to reach $21.187 billion, after it was $17.1 billion in December 2020, indicating that “the bonds, including long-term guarantees by $9.217 billion and short-term guarantees by $11.970 billion.”

According to the US Treasury securities holding, Japan is at the top ($1.277 trillion) followed by China with an exposure of $1.061 trillion at the end of June.

At the third spot was the United Kingdom with holding worth $452.9 billion, followed by Ireland ($322.9 billion), Luxembourg ($301.8 billion), Switzerland ($270.1 billion), Brazil ($249 billion), Cayman Islands ($244.8 billion), Taiwan ($239.4 billion) and Belgium ($228.5 billion).

As for the Arab world, Saudi Arabia is at the top with 127.8 billion dollars, followed by the UAE with 60.8 billion dollars, Kuwait (47.3 billion dollars), then Iraq with 21.2 billion dollars, and Qatar (8.5 billion dollars).

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