Iraq's exposure to US securities surpassed $40 billion in December 2022


Shafaq News/ Iraq's holding of US government securities surged to $40.814 billion in December 2022.

The latest data from the US Treasury Department showed that Iraq's balance of US Treasury bonds rose to surpass $40 billion, after it was $39.717 billion in October 2022, indicating that "the bonds, including long-term guarantees (28.239 billion $) and short-term guarantees (12.575 billion $).

According to the US Treasury securities holding, Japan is at the top ($1.760 trillion), followed by China, with an exposure of $867 billion at the end of October.

At the third spot was the United Kingdom, withholding worth $654 billion, and Belgium ($354 billion).

As for the Arab world, Saudi Arabia is at the top with 119.709 billion dollars, followed by the UAE (58.570 billion dollars), Kuwait with 48.522 billion dollars, then Iraq with 40.814 billion dollars, Oman, and Morocco.

Economist Muhammad al-Hassani explained to Shafaq News agency that the US bonds help manage the foreign currency reserves in Iraq, which are "successfully invested."

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