Iraq's Power Link with GCC Expected to Operate by End of 2025

Iraq's Power Link with GCC Expected to Operate by End of 2025

Shafaq News / The CEO of the Gulf Electricity Interconnection Authority, Ahmed Al-Ibrahim, announced on Wednesday his expectations for the operation of the electric interconnection project with Iraq by the end of 2025, following its completion.

Saudi newspaper "Al Youm" quoted Al-Ibrahim as stating that the ceremony, marking the beginning of the implementation of the electrical interconnection with the Republic of Iraq next week, will be the start of a multi-year effort between the parties to bring the interconnection project with the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries and Iraq to fruition.

Al-Ibrahim added that the project would supply southern Iraq with electricity and marked the beginning of long-term cooperation and trade exchange between the GCC countries and Iraq.

Al-Ibrahim highlighted that the creation of the Al-Wafra station aimed to strengthen the electrical interconnection point with Kuwait and would serve as a starting point for the interconnection with Iraq via a robust network serving both countries.

He noted that discussions were underway with the Iraqi side to develop a vision for expanding electrical interconnection with other regions in Iraq, possibly extending the interconnection to Turkey and reaching European countries via Iraq.

Al-Ibrahim clarified that these discussions were still in the early stages, as the focus is currently on implementing the initial interconnection project. Following its completion, more detailed studies would be undertaken.

The CEO of the Gulf Electricity Interconnection Authority further commented that part of the studies being conducted by the authority involved assessing economic feasibility due to the opportunities in this regard, with the aim of refining them into an accurate study demonstrating the economic viability of the interconnection project.

Al-Ibrahim also mentioned that discussions between the Gulf Electricity Interconnection Authority and Iraq regarding the electricity tariff were ongoing, indicating that it would be a suitable tariff.

This comes at a time when Iraq's Electricity Minister, Ziad Ali Fadel, discussed the progress of the Gulf-Iraqi electrical interconnection project from the headquarters of the Gulf Interconnection Authority in Saudi Arabia, aiming to achieve technical network stability and energy exchange benefits.

According to a ministry statement, the minister's visit was also to inspect the status of contract signings related to the project, stages of achievement, and the implementation plan for connecting lines within Kuwait.

The statement added that Fadel is exploring a number of proposals to develop the interconnection and discussing preparations for the second phase of the project.

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