Iraq is the Gulf's top importer of Iranian goods


Shafaq News/ Iraq was the top Gulf destination of Iranian exports between March 21 and December 21, Iran's Financial Tribune said.

Iran traded 45.85 million tons of goods worth $22.83 billion with Gulf littoral states, namely Iraq, Kuwait, Qatar, the UAE, Bahrain and Saudi Arabia, during the current fiscal year’s first nine months (March 21-Dec. 21), according to the latest data released by the Islamic Republic of Iran Customs Administration.

The UAE was Iran’s top trade partner among the Gulf states under review with 17.2 million tons worth $14.93 billion. It was followed by Iraq with 25.38 million tons worth $7.66 billion and Kuwait with 2.37 million tons worth $118.11 million.

Iran’s exports totaled 35.04 million tons worth $10.44 billion.

Iraq was the main export destination with 23.47 million tons worth $6.78 billion and was followed by the UAE with 8.3 million tons worth $3.43 billion, Kuwait with 2.37 million tons worth $109.04 million, Qatar with 885,660 tons worth $108.99 million, Bahrain with 9,117 tons worth $6.25 million and Saudi Arabia with 428 tons worth $41,018.

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